Sunday, 26 October 2014

A tough couple of weeks for photography

with the Magnum great Rene Burri and the American Ray Metzker both passing away recently, the world has lost a couple of very talented individuals. We had dinner with some friends on Friday evening and I was lucky enough to come home with a couple of loaner books on Metzker's work- his black and white photography was just stunning.
Changing the clocks this morning made me think just how close to Christmas and the end of the year we are. I don't know if that is a good thing or not, but we will know more in another month  :-)

Just tossing a picture from our great visit to Piemont last year up on the blog. I don't believe that it has made an appearance before, but I was prompted to show it here after I had printed it and was very happy with the way it came out.

Tune Of The Day:  Gun Street Girl      by Tom Waits

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